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Discover our online security tips

For Santander Private Banking International, the security of our clients is a top priority, which is why we provide four recommendations to help you be safe online and prosper in a digital world.

Password Security – At Santander Private Banking International, our clients are able to create unique credentials (User Names and Passwords) when registering in our online banking platform.  The bank has implemented password complexity controls to prevent users from entering weak passwords. 

What You Can Do:

  • Go beyond the current minimum password security requirements to strengthen the security of your credentials.
  • Change your passwords periodically (at least every six months)
  • Avoid using your same online bank account (user name) for social media and      e-commerce websites. The username is case insensitive, and a minimum of six characters are required.
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Network Security  – Santander Private Banking International bank has established a secure connection with a valid TLS certificate for the online banking website that guarantees that the client information is encrypted. Additionally, dual factor authentication has been implemented, including the use of one time passwords and security questions for proper user authentication.

What You Can Do:

  • Ensure your internet connection is secure and known. Always validate that you are using the banks’ correct URL web address.
  • Avoid signing into online banking on public or unknown networks.
  • Do not share your unique credentials
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Device Security  – Upon using multiple devices and/or public devices to access our online banking, our online platform will require additional verification before allowing access.

What You Can Do:

  • Keep your contact information updated on your online banking profile.
  • Do not share your unique credentials, security questions or authentication codes.
  • Refrain from saving credentials other than username. 
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Session Security  – Our online banking will disconnect your session after a period of inactivity. Additionally, email alerts or notices are sent upon changes relating to your account. 

What You Can Do:

  • We recommend enabling MFA, or Multi-factor Authentication (PIN, Face Recognition, or Fingerprint Recognition) on your device, if possible.
  • Never keep your account open on an unattended computer.
  • Always logoff immediately of your online banking sessions when you are done and before closing your browser window.
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