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Wealth Solutions

Given the fast-changing market and regulatory framework, our advisors inform and offer you solutions that suit your needs. We look after your legacy, proposing investment vehicles with the aim to offer you specific products to achieve your financial objectives across generations.

Given the various investment options, we facilitate and offer access to appropriate financing. We have a wide range of financing products to help you grow your liquidity, manage your assets, and take advantage of new opportunities. 

Real Estate Advisory 
Real estate investing can be an appropriate option when looking to diversify your investments. Our team of professionals will provide you information with the different market opportunities in the US and European real estate markets.  

  • We search, analyze, and provide opportunities for real estate assets.
  • We assist you in the opportunity to increase the value of the real estate assets in your portfolio.
  • We assist you with strategies within real estate markets in an effort to take advantage of opportunities and secure results.
  • We determine the right time frames to help you plan a divestment.

Alternative Investments
Investing in alternative products can be an important part of a client’s portfolio, widening its financial strategy. Alternative investments can be a complement to traditional investments for suitable clients, as performance often differs from fixed income and variable markets.  

Investing in alternative products offers a series of unique advantages to a client’s portfolio. 

  • Diversification: Provides portfolio diversification of different markets, strategies, managers, and styles.
  • Volatility Reduction: Diminishes overall volatility within a traditional investment portfolio.
  • Risk-Adjusted Return: Potential to provide an attractive risk-adjusted return.
  • Tailor-Made Investment Products: Personalized products to optimize the risk /ratio return.
  • Low Correlation: A historically low or moderate correlation of returns with traditional investment, offering diversification against fall-offs.
  • Flexibility: Greater investment flexibility in a broader investment universe.