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At Santander Private Banking International, we make all our resources available to you through your private banker. 

Our bankers are committed to knowing your needs as they evolve, offering you advice and services to help you maintain and grow your wealth. Your private banker serves as a trusted and responsible individual in charge of putting you in contact with the team of professionals at Santander, to best manage your wealth. 

In addition, through our online banking platforms, accessible from most devices (including smartphones, computers, or tablets), you can have access to details regarding your positions, investments, and relevant market information at your fingertips. You can also download statements, as well as establish direct communication with your private banker. This platform provides a comprehensive view of your portfolio, access to news, as well as management tools for documenting and messaging. We offer you banking solutions in a coordinated manner to meet your needs. 

Please visit the “Terms and Conditions of Use” at the bottom of the page for important details on the information provided in this website. 

Global Clients - All Access
We go beyond borders. 

We offer you a global value proposition, where we bring together our experience, our local advantage and knowledge, and the vision of working across 10 diverse markets in an interconnected platform. 

Our clients can connect from anywhere in the world, always enjoying the same experience and personalized service. 

  • Global Access to our international network of private bankers and offices
  • Support for opening accounts in other countries
  • International financial solutions
  • Real Estate professionals
  • Local telephone service with extended hours in some locations

Non-Financial Services

We provide our clients with insight into relevant market information, perspectives, and trends.

Wealth Talks
We offer our clients the opportunity to participate in various virtual conferences on diverse topics such as science, geopolitics, society, among others. Please contact your private banker to stay informed regarding the different events and conferences that we have prepared for you.