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Santander Group

Santander’s purpose is to help people and businesses prosper. We want to be the best open financial services platform by acting responsibly and earning the trust of our employees, clients, shareholders and communities. We strive to be simple, personal, and fair in all we do.  

Our balanced geographic diversification has been key to generating stable and resilient growth over the years. We prioritize a growth model based on sustainability thanks to our presence in consolidated and developing markets. 

Wealth Management Division

Santander Wealth Management & Insurance is the global division of Santander Group that includes Private Banking, International Private Banking, and Insurance and Asset Management businesses. At Santander we believe everything we do should be simple, personal, and fair. This is how we do business. We are committed to excellence, both in the results we achieve and in the way we achieve them.

As part of Santander Group, one of the world’s leading banks, Santander Private Banking aims to be the best global platform for wealth management, by acting responsibly and earning the lasting loyalty of its clients and their families.

Santander Private Banking International

Santander Private Banking International (SPBI) is the International Private Banking unit of the Wealth Management & Insurance Division of Santander Group. SPBI is comprised of two banks: Banco Santander International with offices in Miami, New York, Houston, and San Diego, and Banco Santander International SA with offices in Geneva, Zurich, The Bahamas, Dubai International Financial Center and a representative office in the Dominican Republic.  To learn more about the Swiss Regulation please click here.

Our purpose is to provide a personalized level of service and financial advice to high-net-worth individuals and family groups. We look after your interests with a team of professionals organized across a diverse geographic area.  

At Santander Private Banking International, we are committed to providing a consistent quality of service, guided by the belief that our most valuable asset is our clients' trust. The experience and knowledge of being the Best Private Bank in Latam & Best International Private Bank* allow us to design effective and profitable solutions focused on our clients.

*Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Poland, Portugal. Source: Euromoney Private Banking 2023