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Future Wealth

The world constantly experiences technological, environmental, demographic, social-behavioral, or value changes, which give rise to transformations in our companies, societies, and economies. For that reason, the Wealth Management & Insurance Division has created a framework to identify leading companies and trends.

Investing in a fast forward world

Future Wealth complements traditional investing strategies by seeking to capture innovative sources for growth and performance through genuine long-term trends.

Seismic shifts in demographics, technology, the environment and social values and behaviors are forcing transformational changes in our societies, companies and economies. In Santander Private Banking we have launched an advisory framework in order to identify the next generation of market-leading companies.

Future society

Our analysts explore opportunities to leverage investment portfolios on the changing demographic and consumer behaviour patterns. Future Society aims to discover the companies that are going to capture the future trends of the global consumer.

Future tech

New technologies and digital solutions are rapidly reshaping our world, disrupting business as usual and evolving at breakneck speed. Future Tech explores the new investment possibilities that the implementation of these disruptive technologies bring to all the sectors of our global economy.

Future planet

Future Planet investments are underpinned by a sustainable investment philosophy seeking long-term ESG impact, whilst also looking for positive financial returns. Future Planet is sustainability plus innovation, guided by the belief that these fundamental factors form the basis of achieving breakthrough returns.

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Incorporate innovation into your investment portfolios

Traditional investing in equities focuses on established companies that are leaders in their respective industries. Investing in these companies has traditionally been the optimal way to have access to the overall growth in the economy with the support of well-known brands and proven management and products.

But in an environment of exponential change and disruption, such as the one we are currently experiencing, there is a growing need to complement this large cap strategy with portfolios focused on new innovative companies that are proving more successful in this dynamic marketplace.

Megatrends are colliding, from exponential technologies to climate change to social unrest. The dynamics of markets and society are changing rapidly. It’s time to look disruption in the eye and search for opportunities with a growth mindset and a global perspective.

Future Wealth articles

Technological developments in healthcare, a field with an array of opportunities for investors

Medicine and all things health-related have become more technological than ever in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Innovations in this field help to make faster and more effective diagnoeses. In particular, telemedicine, the Internet of Bodies (IoB) or cognitive automation are channels for many of these changes and can be leveraged by investors.

The circular economy and how investors can participate

Reducing, reusing and recycling will be vital in the future to find a balance between production and consumption. The circular economy offers extensive investment opportunities thanks to the boom in companies that are innovating in waste management, smart and sustainable packaging and collaborative economy platforms.

Interaction without human intervention - the Internet of Things (IoT)

Every second, 127 devices connect to the internet for the first time. The volume of connectivity is increasing rapidly, driving innovations in the field and cybersecurity solutions that are becoming increasingly necessary as we make the leap from the physical to the digital. This area also offers growing investment opportunities.

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