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Management MODEL

Management MODEL
Seeking is not the same as finding

In order to achieve our client’s financial objectives, we follow a rigorous and detailed work method. A personalized process that is focused on responding to our client’s needs.

This work method is based on an investment management model with four clearly defined phases.

Phase 1 Definition of investment profile and objectives -

When determining the investment profile and objectives, we must understand each client individually. To that end, we study the individual situation of our clients in detail, looking to understand their investment horizons, their liquidity needs and the levels of risk they are willing to assume. This analysis is reviewed periodically, based on the evolution of the market and of the client´s needs.


As far as the Bank´s role in decision-making and service, there are three investment platforms, each guided by the investment profile and designed to meet our clients´different needs.



Phase 2 Definition of the investment strategy -

Definition of the investment strategy

The definition of the asset allocation is the fundamental pillar of the investment strategy and guides us to the successful achievement of our client's goals.
This strategic asset allocation is modified, from time to time, according to the markets’ conditions and perspectives. To develop this strategic view of the market, we rely on our Asset Allocation Committee, composed of the Santander Private Banking Management Team and other key areas of the Group, such as Santander Asset Management and Research Services.

Phase 3 Execution and implementation -

Execution and implementation

Access to the most complete selection of financial products is crucial for a successful execution of the investment strategy. The array of product platforms that Santander Private Banking offers, ranging from banking instruments, bonds, stocks, traditional and alternative investment funds to structured products, with an open architecture, allows each client to implement his or her investment strategy with confidence.

Phase 4 Follow-up and performance review -

Follow-up and performance review

Santander Private Banking performs, along with the client, a thorough and frequent revision of their profile, objectives and results, seeking to keep the investments within the established parameters.

In order to identify possible deviations in the strategic positions from the investment profile, we also rely on automated monitoring systems. These strict institutional controls are in line with our commitment to always protect our client's interests.

Furthermore, each client has direct access to their positions through a private access site on the Internet, enabling them to view the evolution of their investment strategies, independently of the Bank's controls.