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Experience and knowledge for your wealth

The Discretionary Portfolio Management platform allows you to delegate with total confidence the management of your wealth to us.

You define your investment objectives and entrusts us with managing your assets according to the strategy selected. We personalize the strategy, we ensure it is properly executed and we monitor the results.

To achieve this, we offer two management models intended to cover all your investment needs: global management and management by modules.


Discretionary Portfolio Management

Model 1 Integral Management Model -

This is what dynamic management is all about; a management style capable of customizing your portfolio to both your financial needs and market conditions.

Through visits and periodic reports, you will maintain strict risk control and will be continually updated with detailed information on the performance of your assets and the strategy being implemented.

By correctly identifying your needs, we are able to draft a tailor-made investment program and provide you with the appropriate solutions for achieving your goals.

The key to the success in our work is to provide you with an excellent service, guided by the conviction that our most valuable asset is our client's trust.

Model 2 Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) -

  • SMAs

A service in which you choose the type of asset, region, style and currency, and we provide the specialized management.

  • Fixed income securites

Knowledge of the key variables and the appropriate selection of instruments are essential to provide you with a fixed-income portfolio taking into account market conditions while meeting your objectives.

  • Equity securities

Stock investments require an exhaustive quantitative and qualitative analysis as well as a rigorous selection of securities that offer the greatest potential and meet your expectations.

  • Emerging Markets

Our deep familiarity with the region, due to a strong local presence and our managers' experience, generates a key competitive advantage in a type of asset where regional factors often are a crucial aspect.