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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

About Santander Private Banking International
1. What is Santander Private Banking International ?

We are the international unit of the Global Private Banking Division. Dedicated to the protection and growth of our clients' wealth, we seek to build an exclusive business strategy that contributes to achieving their financial objectives.

2. What benefits/advantages does Santander Private Banking International offer me ?

We make available to our clients the best team of expert wealth managers. When you become a Santander Private Banking International client, you are assigned a highly qualified private banker that has extensive knowledge of the financial markets.

3. How does my relationship with Santander Private Banking International work once I become a client?

From the time you become a client of Santander Private Banking International, you will enjoy the services of a Private Banker, a highly qualified expert who will provide you with the highest quality service, keeping you informed of the best investment opportunities available. Your Private Banker will hold periodic meetings with you and will explain in detail the trend of your assets as well as guide you in making the best decisions based on your objectives. In conjuction with the ongoing monitoring and review of your assets by your Private Banker, you will always be able to execute transactions from anywhere in the world through Santander Private Banking International over the internet.

Products and Services
4. How can I access your private banking services?

Please contact us.

5. Can I access Santander Private Banking International products and services from any Banco Santander office?

Santander Private Banking International offers you certain exclusive financial products that cannot be contracted with any other entity even if it belongs to the same corporate Group. We thus seek to offer an exclusive, first-rate service in addition to ensuring the confidentiality of your investments.

6. I am not a resident of the U.S. Can I access the services of SPBI in Miami?

Yes, as a U.S. non-resident you can access the services of SPBI in Miami.

7. I am a resident of the U.S. Can I access the services of SPBI?

No. Our services are available only to U.S. non-residents.

8. How do I know if I qualify to be a client of Santander Private Banking International?

Please contact us.

9. Do you create products and services customized to my needs?

Yes, at Santander Private Banking International our most valuable asset is our clients. That is why we offer you a team of professionals who will help you to develop tools based on your specific needs.

10. I have average wealth. Can I access your Private Banking services?

Santander Private Banking International distinguishes itself by satisfying the specific needs implicit in managing considerable wealth which do not tend to arise for average wealth. Nonetheless, even if based on the amount of your investment you do not need these services, Santander Private Banking International offers a broad range of investment products and services tailored to your financial interests and your needs as an investor.

Internet Banking
11. What services does Internet banking offer?

The new Internet banking service offers you tools to view your account statements as well as market and investment information.

12. Is is safe to review my account statements over the Internet?

Yes, the bank offers you a security and confidentiality policy whereby we protect all the information displayed on the Internet.