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System security




In line with our confidentiality policy we have included the most advanced security tools available in current technology in our Internet banking service.
Firewall Equipment

Firewall equipment is used to safeguard and minimize the vulnerability of our Internet servers to cyber attacks. The Firewall validates the type of traffic to and from the servers and at the same time defines a single point of entry at which additional controls for inspection and validation of traffic packets are applied. The Firewall as well as other related equipment is configured to provide the highest level of security to permit the functionality required.

SSL and HTTPS (Secure Sockets Layer and HyperText Transport Protocol)

Our Internet servers use the communications protocol known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL technology encrypts the content of communications to make them virtually undecipherable to third parties. Only the client and the server can understand the content of the messages once the secure session is established.

Use of cookies

The system occasionally uses cookies to improve and facilitate the use of the Internet site. Cookies are small files that store certain information related to the use and preferences of the user when browsing pages. Under no circumstance will this facility compromise the security of your confidential information.

Other Measures

The Santander Private Banking security team maintains and monitors our security systems to ensure your information is protected. Additional security measures include the use of field encryption in the databases, internal and independent audits, the use of antivirus software and monitoring systems and other measures.

How to verify that the connection is secure:

  • The website address bar is green. This is indicated by a green strip in the website address bar. Banco Santander's server is certified by Verisign Inc., an international certification authority.
  • The website address starts with https.
  • There is an icon representing a locked padlock at the bottom of your browser.
  • You saw your image and personal phrase upon signing on.